Pole Dream Marathon

The Pole Dream

Power Marathon

The cost – 15 $.

Start – November, 27

✓ At-home power workouts for pole dance and great body shape
✓ Sets of exercises for all muscle groups, just turn a video on and follow me
✓ From 5 to 15 minutes in a day, can train anywhere, you don’t need pole for this
✓ Weekly reports and results tracking
✓ Contest with prizes among those who passed to the end (duration – 4 weeks)!
✓ The marathon takes place in WhatsApp



The Pole Dream Power Marathon payment.

Read the instruction on payment from the beginning to the end, please.

1)Make a payment, using PayPal. Take a screenshot of your payment.

2) Send a screenshot of your payment to the Instagram Direct – http://insta/poledream/ or FB – http://fb/a.shneider 

Also, please write your name, surname and phone number which is connected to your WhatsApp. 

3) Then we’ll add you to the Power Marathon WhatsApp chat.

4) If you have got any questions, send a message to the Instagram Direct – http://insta/poledream/ or FB – http://fb/alesia.shneider



or you can pay with PayPal using this e-mail: efimovps@gmail.com