Pole Dance school

Learn at home with

the trainer’s help

Start – November, 28

➡️ We will teach you to do all the basic tricks on the pole in a clean and technical manner.

➡️ Train at a time convenient for you at your own pace.

➡️ Individual work with trainer, who checks your completed tasks.

✔️ You need a pole at home/ability to rent a pole and WhatsApp.


1) Exam on the pole elements. With each level (beginner, intermediate and advanced) you will master 40 tricks step by step, compose a dance to music. After passing the exam, you get an electronic certificate.

2) Conditioning exercises with a pole – they help to master tricks on a pole faster and safer.

3) Sets of exercises for strengthening, grip, posture, performance clarity: turn on the video and repeat after me.

4) Other topics and assignments: basics of spotting and musicality, technique of creating combinations, working on a dynamic pole, improvisation and much more.


1) Beginners in Pole Dance, including no experience at all

2) Intermediate and advanced students:

– those who have relaxed feet and knees

– with problems in the basics of Pole Dance

– who has basically one working side

– one who can’t perform smooth transitions



 1 month subscription cost is $73 and it includes individual work with a trainer

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If the link doesn’t work, write to WhatsApp number +79115358111 (Alesia)

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or you can pay with PayPal using this e-mail: efimovps@gmail.com

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