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I want to do pole dance, but … excuses that stop you from training. Part 2.

In the first part of the article on this topic, we sorted out such excuses from training on the pole, such as age and physical fitness. And now we turn to the third.

3. Body image.

“But I’m too fat”, “I am ashamed to train in short shorts and especially a top”, “Everyone will look at me and think the worst” …

The biggest problem with this excuse is that very slender ladies love to use it. They find 5 millimeters of fat on their belly, and 3 more small dimples on the bottom and that’s it – the tragedy is there. I want to convey to you that it is likely that your body is not as bad as you think of it. Everyone can have flaws (often small, even cute). I believe that there is no clear definition of “good” or “bad” shape. Here, as they say, the taste and color – to each their own. You need to be able to see the pros and appreciate what nature has given you. 

So, if you analyzed your body, and along with outstanding advantages and pluses, you noticed imperfections that you would like to fix – to lose weight, to strengthen – the question is are you ready to act? No, I’m not going to lecture you now on nutrition, the importance of running in the morning, and all that. Understand that it is by training on the pole that you can change! In my teaching practice, I met a lot of girls who started pole dancing to lose weight, and suddenly began to work on strengthening their abs at home not in order to remove fat, but in order to do a chopper or a flag sooner! Pole Dance is not just fitness or physical training. It’s both dancing and tricks, it’s art. It’s a very exciting type of training, and in pursuit of new tricks, you will soon notice that you have lost a few extra centimeters somewhere along the way (by the way, do not judge the changes by weight, because your muscles will start to grow, and they are much heavier than fat).

In short, as one well-known person says, “Don’t be shy!” =) Finally, watch the videos on YouTube with pole dancers with different body types. You will see what unrealistic results can be achieved regardless of weight or shape. After all, sometimes the problem of excess weight is not only the result of improper nutrition or low physical activity, hormonal disruptions and diseases can also be the cause. However, if there are places and a desire to fly, do tricks, unreal things and just enjoy your activities, what you love (or surprise your loved one, in the end, the reasons may be different), then you need to discard all excuses and follow your dream!

It is also worth saying that if there is a lot of weight, a high degree of obesity, and not enough muscle mass, no physical training, then pole dance may be an undesirable activity, since training on the pole can negatively affect the joints. In this case, it is still better to first really solve the problem of excess weight. But usually, it is not those who have a serious problem with being overweight who are looking for excuses, but those who do not have so many pounds.

If you (or your friend) still plays the well-known game ‘yes, but …’ and comes up with new excuses, do not leave, I have not sorted them all out yet.

4. Public opinion.

‘But what will people think?’, ‘Oh, if they find out about this at work …’, ‘I’m a teacher, I teach children, I can’t be on the pole!’ Etc…

In general, it’s time to understand that pole dance is not a striptease genre, no one undresses and dances vulgarly, touching their body. Pole genres now belong to sports disciplines, competitions, and championships are held on a polished pole. If you go to pole training, and someone teaches you how to undress, apply oil and glitter to your body, and so on (if anyone starts doing that, run away, this is not a very good pole sports school, perhaps). Actually, you can talk about ‘pole dance – not a striptease’ for a very long time, but, probably, if you yourself have such an opinion, then you have nothing to do on the pole, and why persuade you?

But there is another category of people. They know that a pole is a piece of equipment, and sports or fitness, and that they teach tricks and strengthen muscles, do splits and that this is probably interesting and fun, good for the body. BUT – they are terribly worried about what others will think if they suddenly find out … After all, not all people understand what pole sport is. And nothing can be done about the fact that someone will continue to react strangely to your hobby. People can be judgmental about pole dancers for a variety of reasons. For example, out of envy. 

By the way, have you ever thought that really close people and friends will at least try to understand you and your new hobby and find out what you are doing there (isn’t it what they thought about? …) Even if they thought before, that the pole is just a striptease. And then, after your story and explanation, the opinion of several more people will change, and the world of pole sport will become a little happier!

By the way, those who are not sure that the pole is a sport usually doubt the opinion of people.

There are, however, people who consider it right not to do something associated with striptease, for professional reasons. For example, these are teachers who work with children, or maybe politicians. Because it is impossible to eradicate the idea of the connection of the pole and undressing from all heads in the world. However, I believe that you can find a way in this situation, and many of my students have successfully found it. Some of my students just never talked about their training. Yes, yes, you won’t believe it, but it’s real – just don’t post your photos and videos on the pole, don’t post pole motivators, don’t tell everyone right and left what trick you’ve learned today, and especially don’t write about it on social networks. It’s simple. At the same time, a person is engaged in an interesting activity, develops, makes progress, and no important work with children and their parents prevent this. Because if there is a desire to train on the pole, then all excuses are thrown aside.

By the way, if for one reason or another you are not comfortable attending a pole dance studio, for example, because of embarrassment, then you can train at home on your own. And in order to receive feedback from the teacher and better structure your training, sign up for the Pole Dream online school. I will help you to achieve your goal in training, learn elements from scratch or correct mistakes, come to a beautiful and clean execution on the pole.

In general, I wish you and your friends and just acquaintances to learn how to overcome excuses, and do what you like. If the pole is not interesting to you, just pass by, it will be the right decision – to look for something of your own, close to your heart. But if you want to try pole dance, then I wish you to go directly to the training of your dreams, without looking at various opinions.

By the way, if I missed some excuses that prevent people from training on the pole, please comment below, and I will gladly add them to this article) Thank you very much in advance!

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