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I want to do pole dance, but … excuses that stop you from training. Part 1.

I constantly hear from my friends or acquaintances, strangers the phrase “yes, I would also like to do (try) pole dance, but …” and then a thousand options and excuses: “I have weak hands”, “no split”, “I’m fat”, “but what will they say at work when they find out” and so on and so forth … And this repeats in the minds of lovely ladies over and over again: I want to, but … So the years pass, and the decision to at least try, go to one class (by the way, it is often free) is postponed indefinitely. In my opinion, a simple action – to come to a training session on a pole – should take place almost immediately after the thought “I would like to do pole dance”. How can you say “but” when you have a desire to try? If you admire beautiful pole photos and videos if you want to learn incredible tricks and just be able to move beautifully, fly.

Once I decided to do a survey on the topic “What do you need to start doing pole dance?” The results made me happy:

What do you need to start doing pole dance?

1) Strong body. Abs and strong arms are especially important – 2.4%

2) You need to be very stretchy. There is nothing to do without splits and a super flexible back on the pole – 6.2%

3) Lots of free time. One must immediately train 3 hours a day! Otherwise, there will be no result – 3.5%

4) Extensive experience of performing in public and of course participating in competitions – 0.6%

5) Experience with sports. A few years of gymnastics or circus is just that – 6.2%

6) Great Desire !!! – 81.2%

But I would still like to deal with some “buts”. I think this makes sense, but only for those who really WANT to start practicing on the pole, but consider some excuse to be serious, see a big problem in this. Other people are only looking for more and more new excuses to cover their laziness and lack of motivation, unwillingness to change something in their life, develop, learn new things and just take care of themselves.

Let’s take a look at the most popular pole training excuses. So, let’s begin!

1. Age.

“… but I’m too old for that …” or “… I should have started earlier, now it’s too late …”

The most interesting thing is that this excuse can be found not only among people 30-40 years old, but even among girls a little over 20. The fact is that pole dance as a sport is developing very rapidly, and now you can train on the pole as a child. And when people come across a video of Olga Trifonova at her 9-10 years of age, for example, there is a feeling of a missed opportunity due to age. But this is certainly not the case. In Pole Sport, you can succeed and start practicing at a fairly mature age, and this is an advantageous difference from the same rhythmic or artistic gymnastics, acrobatics and many other sports, where if you did not start at 3-4 years old, it’s too late. In pole dance, you can achieve success or even become a champion by starting ‘late’.

Interestingly, most people don’t have goals like winning a competition. They want to practice for pleasure, for themselves, to maintain their fit body. And in this case, age certainly should not be a hindrance.

Well, to be completely convincing, I will give the example of the world champion Greta Pontarelli, who has been training on the pole since the age of 59 (!), And she has achieved a lot in such a wonderful art as pole dance.

Not convinced by Gretta? Then one more example – one of my students started training on the pole at 49, and now she is perfect (perfecta! – I never tire of repeating to her. By the way, she is from Italy). In addition to the successes on the pole, she also achieved the splits and made significant progress in the flexibility of the back.

And to be very convincing, I will share that my online pole dance school has several students aged 45 to 55. They take responsibility for their body and health, and therefore choose only safe training, where we pay attention to all important technical aspects. It is also important for them to work on the pole on both sides and learn the tricks step by step, from easy to difficult. And of course they get great results in their development in Pole Dance. Do you also want it? Then I invite you to the Pole Dream online school, sign up!

The only thing worth worrying about before starting to practice on the pole at any age is, of course, health. Consult a doctor and qualified pole dance teacher if you have an injury or any medical condition. Perhaps you will not be able to perform certain groups of elements or proceed with caution.

But let’s move on and consider the following common excuse for not doing pole dance.

2. Physical fitness.

“But I have weak arms”, “I don’t have strong abs”, “I can’t even do a push up or a pull up” and again “I have weak arms” …

I deliberately duplicated the excuse about arms, because the number of such excuses exceeds the norm in my opinion … On the one hand, I can understand the girls who believe in the persuasiveness of this excuse. Indeed, for the execution of most of the elements on the pole, the strength of the arms is really needed. But in order to learn entry-level tricks and spins, you don’t need to have impressive biceps and strong shoulders. Even weak forearms and grip strength in the early stages of training do not greatly interfere. In addition, training on a pole involves basic conditioning, the arms also become stronger when performing elements, and with each lesson it becomes easier to hang on the pole, spin on it and even pull up.

There are of course a couple more options for dealing with weak muscles if you want to train on a pole. And then I remember the following phrase “I have weak arms, back and abs, so I better start with strength training at home, and then sign up for a pole dance school.” Great idea! – I think. Beautiful, if of course one brings it to life. But so far, I do not remember a single person who, after such a statement, would begin to seriously work on themselves at home on their own. The maximum is to do some crunches and make an attempt to do push-ups (usually on Monday), and on Tuesday feel muscle pain and say the pole is not for them. That is why I personally recommend going and buying a class card. If not to the pole classes right away, then let it be a membership to the gym, to fitness classes, or to the same pole dance school for conditioning classes for the pole. Moreover, it is advisable to have a subscription for a strictly defined time and a number of classes. An unlimited subscription for a year is the worst purchase for a person who finds it difficult to force themselves to go to training. And even if you are burning with the desire to get stronger, it is not a fact that your desire will remain unchanged for a month and even more so for a year.

A short conclusion: weak arms, abs, back, legs, and whatever else can be weak is a “problem” that can be easily solved in three ways:

1) Realistically one can start exercising at home at least 3 times a week. Standard exercises: crunches, plank, push-ups, expander, again abs, and again plank if you don’t know how to do push-ups – ideal for basic training. Now, fortunately, there are many video tutorials, articles with pictures, and even online classes in order to strengthen. For such purposes, we at Pole Dream have a monthly online Power Marathon – these are home complexes of exercises for strengthening, improving posture, grip, and even performance purity for pole dance. These workouts will not take long – 10-15 minutes a day is enough to start, regular exercises will give excellent results. Sign up for the next Power Marathon on our website, so as not to postpone your pole conditioning indefinitely.

2) Buy a membership to a gym, fitness, or pole dance school for conditioning physical training classes. Let me remind you once again – membership for a strictly limited number of classes per month. And again – if your goal is a pole – do not hang in the gym for a long time, after a month of classes 2-3 times a week, feel free to buy your dream membership – to pole dance.

3) Just get a pole dance membership. Immediately. Be sure to enroll in an entry-level group, or if you are completely in doubt about your abilities, you can try individual classes to start with, which, by the way, are three times more effective!

We can talk about fitness forever, but there are still many excuses that are worth mentioning, so let’s move on. 

You can talk about strength forever, but there are still many excuses that are worth mentioning. We will talk about them in the second part of the article.

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