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I want to do pole dance, but … excuses that stop you from training. Part 1.

I constantly hear from my friends or acquaintances, strangers the phrase “yes, I would also like to do (try) pole dance, but …” and then a thousand options and excuses: “I have weak hands”, “no split”, “I’m fat”, “but what will they say at work when they find out” and so on and so forth … And this repeats in the minds of lovely ladies over and over again: I want to, but … So the years pass, and the decision to at least try, go to one class (by the way, it is often free) is postponed indefinitely. In my opinion, a simple action –

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No progress in Pole Dance. Why can’t one do pole tricks?

Hello! Have you ever had a pole trick that just doesn’t work? It seems that you already know the technique, how to get into it, the trainer told you everything in detail or you watched a cool tutorial, but still nothing comes of it. You try again and again, fall, slip, endure pain, rise up, maybe get angry and try again.

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Sweaty hands problem in Pole Dance. Part 3

Hello! In the last two parts of articles on this topic, we discussed many problems that can lead to poor grip, palm-sweating when working on the pole. If you have not read part 1 and part 2 about sweaty palms in Pole Dance yet, be sure to do so. But for some pole dancers,

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Sweaty hands problem in Pole Dance. Part 2

In the first part of the article, I have already talked about two important problems: the beginner’s problem, grip and grip strength. I hope you are already actively working with an expander every day. If not or if this is the first time you hear about the need for these exercises – then return to the first part of the article, read and, most importantly, act! Without action, you can forget about results! For those

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Sweaty hands problem in Pole Dance. Part 1

The problem of sweaty palms worries every other pole dancer. Of course, poles are improving and science does not stand still, and now there are thousands of tools and ways to deal with the problem of sweaty palms.

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