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For general questions about GTL services, contact their Customer Service line: () To message, send payments or apply to visit an offender click. Effective February 1, , all inmate phone calls (local, inter-island, mainland, and international) are provided by Global Tel Link (GTL). GTL o ers a variety of ways for inmates and friends and family members to pay for telephone calls. GTL's. ConnectNetwork® is the one-stop resource for. as an option when receiving inmate calls. AdvancePay®. GTL INMATE FAMILY PREPAY. The Fastest, Most Secure Way to. Prepay Inmate Calling Accounts. ADVANCEPAY. Now you can accept all future communications from an inmate with one touch. To opt in just press 1 when you receive a call from an inmate. This means all future.

Beginning September 22, , Cook County Jail will have a new service provider for individual in custody phone calls called GTL. GTL Inmate Communications. Please take a moment to log in to GTL's website, create an account with ConnectNetwork or contact GTL ConnectNetwork directly at Questions. PHONE. AdvancePay – A prepaid phone account set up by family or friends to receive inmate calls · PIN Debit – An inmate phone account you can deposit funds into. Inmates at the CMC Correctional Center are permitted to utilize the phones throughout the day. Use the below information to set up and utilize the GTL Connect. Phone Calls · Messages & Photos · About · Contact Us Deposits to an inmate's trust GTL Financial Services, which is also the owner and manager of this. Automated Phone System – () Charge/Fee, Rate. Per Minute Telephone Rate for all calls on the North American Dialing Plan (collect, pre-. For any questions regarding these calling options, please call GTL at GTL Prisoner Telephone Rates: Effective October 1st, , ViaPath (GTL). Inmate Telephone System ; Website Name: Connect Network / GTL ; Website Owner: TouchPay Holdings, LLC d/b/a GTL Financial Services ; Website: poledream.onlinetnetwork. Inmate Telephone Service (Updated 1/7/22) · By calling Advance Pay Automated System - · ViaPath Technologies (formerly GTL) Billing Customer Service. For issues concerning either the inmate phone system or the kioks in the lobby of the jail, use the ConnectNetwork link above or call for the. Pre-Pay Inmate Phone Accounts Snohomish County inmate phone services are provided by Global Tel-Link (GTL). In some cases, pre-pay accounts must be set up in.

If you would like to set up your account from a location outside the U.S., please contact AdvancePay International customer service division (GTL AdvancePay. AdvancePay® is ConnectNetwork™'s fastest and most convenient phone service connecting friends and family members to inmates. It's simple. Questions may be directed to GTL's 24/7 friends and family call center at GTL Inmate Communications Calling Rates: Local, $ Per Minute. GTL provides advanced communications services through ConnectNetwork, which makes it easy to keep incarcerated loved ones connected with the people they. Global Tel*Link (GTL) manages the system. · Telephones are available to inmates from approximately a.m. to p.m., unless there are security or. A GTL AdvancePay prepaid account must be set up for an inmate to make calls or receive voicemail messages. There must be sufficient funds for a call to go. GTL's feature-rich Inmate Telephone System is a turnkey solution that comes complete with all hardware and software, including the telephone network, circuits. GTL offers multiple options for friends and family to set up and fund telephone accounts, inmate trust accounts, or commissary accounts. This streamlines the. You may set up an account with GTL to receive collect calls from inmates by calling toll free at () In addition to contacting GTL by phone, you may.

Services offered through poledream.online provide the capability for friends and family to create and fund an AdvancePay prepaid telephone account, deposit. AdvancePay allows inmates to call your telephone number without the restrictions of standard billing. When an inmate attempts to dial an un-billable number. To request a refund of pre-paid funds from GTL, contact GTL Customer Service at ; hold or press 0 for the operator. Call Charges. Calling Rates by. The Inmate Telephone System allows only outgoing inmate calls; inmates cannot receive incoming telephone calls. A vendor, Global Tel*Link (GTL). If you are experiencing problems relating to an inmate/customer telephone please contact Global Tel Link's customer service center at for account.

Calls that may otherwise be blocked are now completed through GTL's. AdvancePay program. How Does It Work? AdvancePay allows inmates to call your telephone. For more information or to set up a pre-pay phone plan, please visit ConnectNetwork, operated by Global Tel*Link or call them toll-free at 1 () For pre-paid collect and any other customer service inquiries, please call GTL at PHONE CALLS. If you are experiencing problems relating to an inmate/customer telephone please contact Global Tel Link's customer service center at for account. All telephone calls placed by Durham County Detention Facility detainees will be provided by Global Tel*Link (GTL), our third-party vendor, as of July 1.

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