The Pole Dream

Power Marathon

The cost is 15$.

Start – October, 23

✓ At-home power workouts for pole dance and great body shape
✓ Sets of exercises for all muscle groups, just turn a video on and follow me
✓ From 5 to 15 minutes in a day, can train anywhere, you don’t need pole for this
✓ Weekly reports and results tracking
✓ Contest with prizes among those who passed to the end (duration – 4 weeks)!
✓ The marathon takes place in WhatsApp



The Pole Dream Power Marathon payment.

Read the instruction on payment from the beginning to the end, please.

1)Make a payment, using PayPal. Take a screenshot of your payment.

2) Send a screenshot of your payment to the Instagram Direct – https://insta/poledream/ or FB – https://fb/alesia.shneider

3) Wait for a while – we’ll send you the link to the Power Marathon WhatsApp chat.

4) If you have got any questions, send a message to the Instagram Direct – http://insta/poledream/ or FB – http://fb/alesia.shneider



or you can pay with PayPal using this e-mail: