The Pole Dream Catalog is the first insta compilation of elements, tricks, combos as well as all required preparatory and conditioning exercises for your personal development in the Pole Dance.


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Alesia Shneider, have been in pole dancing since 2009, have had students since 2010
– A certified pole instructor, have visited a plenty of workshops with pole dance stars
– Long-term experience in the pole dance, aerial silks, rhythmic gymnastics, capoeira, power workouts and stretching

– A prize-winner of numerous Pole Artistic and Pole Sport Championships, in professional categories
– A creator of the Pole Dream, an online pole dance school
– A workshops presenter

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You will find a short video of lessons from You Tube as well as great amount of other elements, tricks and their variations in the Catalog. And, actually, more than a half of videos in the Catalog – are exercises and combos, which you won’t find on the You Tube Channel.

I’m not planning to release advanced video lessons in this catalog, however, a plenty of elements, tricks and combos in the Catalog are of an upper intermediate level, which is very close to an advanced one. But if you are already professional or moreover of an elite level, you are more likely to find something interesting for your students. Certainly, there might be some uncommon ideas for you as well, but not tricks such as the Spatchcock or the Bird of Paradise.

If you have questions about how to do right, you can always ask me in comments below any video lesson, and I will surely answer them.

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