Video collection of 400 Exotic Pole Dance basic moves

that you can use to create endless number of dance combinations!


– Basic steps

– Turns

– Spins

– Pole elements

– Waves

– Transitions into parterre

– Ways up from parterre

– Arm choreography

– Ways to jump down

– and much more


Someone who wants to learn Exotic Pole Dance from square one.

– You will learn all basic moves repeating after the instructor in video.

– You will be able to easily create routines based on provided plans in Constructor. 

Beginners and intermediate level students who are already familiar with Exotic Pole Dance.

– You will improve your skills and technique in Exotic Pole Dance.

– You will be able to confidently improvise and create combos because you will have access to at least 400 different moves!

Exotic Pole Dance Instructors

– You will refresh your basics knowledge

– You will be able to prepare material for your students quickly and easily using Constructor.


Masha Lu 

– instructor-choreographer of exotic pole dance, presenter of master classes in exotic pole-dance and strip dance in Russian Federation and Europe.

Masha is a dancer with a lot of experience (over 20 years).She created her style under influence of different styles such as: ballroom dancing, classic choreography, modern choreography, go-go. 

– Winner of ESENSAI championship 2018 in exotic professionals category. Poland, Gdansk.

– Winner of Pole dance competition Denmark 2017 in exotic professionals category. Denmark, Copenhagen

– Winner of Exotic Generation Festival, March 2016 in old school category.

– Winner of international championship in exotic pole dance Exotic International Cup 2015 in exotic show profi nomination
– Winner of Catwalk dance fest IV, 2014 – exotic profi, Moscow;
– Winner of first Russian national competition in Pole Dance ENERGY – October 2014, Moscow;
– Miss “Fantasy” “Erotic Action”, Moscow 2014;
– Siberian Champion of 2012 in exotic-profi nomination, Novosibirsk


Cost: 105 $

One-time fee.

Access to constructor is not time-limited!

You can use it as long as you like.

Please, read the payment instruction until the end:

1) Pay in a way that works for you (you will find available payment types after the instruction) and make a screenshot of your payment.

2) Send your screenshot in direct messages to Instagram account http://instagram/poledream/ or as a personal message in FB: http://facebook/alesia.shneider

3) In your message include your phone number connected to WhatsApp. You will receive a link to Exotic Constructor there.

4) Wait – you will receive Exotic Constructor within 48 hours!

5) If you have any questions, reach out directly to http://instagram/poledream/

Or message me in FB: http://facebook/alesia.shneider/

or you can pay with PayPal using this e-mail: efimovps@gmail.com